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    Count by Month?


      I have a single table DB and want to create a report that counts the reords by month and by week within the month. Is there a custom function available for this?

      Any other suggestions appreciated.

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          The month is pretty easy. Create a calc that concatenates the year and the month. I like to pad a leading zero on the month so it sorts nicely and avoids some potential oddities:

          YearDate = Year(date) & Right("00" & Month(date);2)


          Create a relationship on this field and count the records across the relationship and you are done.


          One reason the week is trickier is that there aren't 4 weeks in a month. Assuming that you want to include everything after the 28th in the 4th week, this should do it:

          Use the above field and concatenate on to it:

          YearDate &


          Day(date) ≤ 7; "01";

          Day(date) ≤ 14; "02";

          Day(date) ≤ 21; "03";



          Again, create a realationship on this field and count the records accross the relationship. You could fancy these up with Let statements, but if the Date field is a stored value it shouldn't make a noticiable difference. In fact for the relationships mentioned, the date would have to be stored.


          Bob Gossom

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            Thanks I will give that a try!



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              Thanks, I will give it a try.  I don't have any relationships since there is only one table but I think I can set up something that would allow me to try what you suggest.  

              Again, much appreciated!




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                Note that a table can be related to itself.


                Bob G.

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                  Thanks again!



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