Replace a layout with a new version?

Discussion created by wendy on Jan 8, 2014
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Hi everyone. I've done a fair amount of searching on this and found information on layout names, numbers, and internal IDs. What I can't seem to do--and it's making me feel quite stupid--is put it all together and get a solid answer to this question:


I have a layout named MyLayout in Table1.

I duplicate this layout, name the new one MyLayoutRevised, and make changes to the positions of various fields/elements.


Can I now safely (assuming there are no users logged into my served database):

- Rename the existing MyLayout to MyLayoutOld

- Rename MyLayoutRevised to to MyLayout

...and have everything work as it always has?


-That is, will scripts with steps such as "Go to Layout ["MyLayout" (Table1)]" still work? Or are these steps using the INTERNAL Layout ID numbers, and my new layout (MyLayoutRevised) will have a different Layout ID number--and therefore script and other references to "MyLayout" will break?


- What about button objects using "Go to Layout" ...?


Any other considerations?