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    What is Potential Impact of Java 7 Update 51?


      My company IT department just announced that they will patching Java 7 using systems to latest update 51 after its scheduled release on January 14. Looking at the information of the website referenced in the announcement (see below), looks like there could be a signficant impact on FileMaker Server, and even running admin consoles for earlier versions. Anyone knowledgable of Java can provide advice on this? FileMaker Inc?


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      James Branum

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          Hi James,


          Great question, and thank you for providing the link.


          My conjecture:


          FMS 13 is unlikely to be affected, as I do not believe that it has any need to utilize Java WebStart, thanks to the new admin console.


          With respect to FMS 12, I note that FMI released an update to FMS 12: 12.0.5, which apparently was an update specifically to address the issue of the jar file (for the admin console) needing to have the Permissions attribute in the jar's manifest file.


          Reference:   http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/12826


          Reading the Oracle article that you linked to, the only other criteria to be concerned about at this time would be whether or not the code for the FMS 12 admin console is signed.


          I realize that this is not a complete answer to your question, but I hope it helps.


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          - steve

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            Very relevant thread. I have gotten used to checking here before updating.

            For me, with FMS 12.0.3 installed, and not willing to bother updating to 12.0.5, I will skip this Java update. But always interested in hearing if it WOULD work...

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              I have a mac mini running FMS 11, and after updating java on my laptop, I had to manually add the server's address in the exception list under the Java Control Panel Security tab to be able to launch the FM server admin console again. Another solution that worked as well is setting the security level to "medium" instead of high.