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    Show Animation image


      I want to show/run animation images(.GIF FILE) in layout.Is that possible??

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          In a web viewer?


          aanshi, I guess it pretty much depends on what you want to do with it (just animated GIF or something more). And you didn't specify: FMPro, FMGO, WebDirect or ??


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            I want to show alert/notification on error in filemaker pro.For this I want to show animation image ...

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              What kind of error? user entry (validation of field) or error in scripting? or ??


              In other words, what will make the error appear? And do you want the animation to just "appear" - such that a dialog-type window would pop-up with the animated GIF upon 'error'? Would you then have to close/dismiss the window?


              What version of FileMaker Pro?



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                Web viewer may be most suitable as Beverly said.

                As of FM12, container field set as 'interactive contents' show animated gif.

                Once animation is stopped for some reason(move to another record and return...)

                don't animate any more.

                To re-animate, duplicate record, cut/paste by hand, script cut/pause/paste etc.

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                  wow! I never heard that animated GIFs stop. I wonder if there's another way to 're-animate'. Web Viewer sounds like a better option for sure.


                  Thanks, 19752!