Server Side Scripts Locking up

Discussion created by MattLeach on Jan 9, 2014
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I've had this issue happen a few times so i'm wondering if there is a cause.


I have 3 schedules that run on an hourly basis to perform a multitude of tasks. 2 of them are FileMaker Scripts, 1 is a Script Sequence.


Randomly, these scripts "lock up". What i mean by that is the go into a Running state and just hang there. My only recourse is log everyout out of the databases and restart the FileMaker Server. I have attempted to delete and re-create the schedules when they lock up but it does not correct it.


I've serached the Log Viewer and show nothing out of the ordinary, no errors.


What's odd is that i have 8 other schedules setup (all backups) on a bi-hourly basis and these schedules never lock up.


My setup is FileMaker Server 12 Advanced running on Windows Server 2008 Standard 32-bit.


I will be upgrading the server to Server 2008 64bit and to FileMaker Server 13 within the next month or so with the hopes it will resolve it but in the mean time is there anything that i can do to prevent this?


Thank You