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Discussion created by SkeletonKey on Jan 9, 2014
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by Greg Lane, VP of Application Development, Skeleton Key


FileMaker 13′s new Perform Script on Server script step provides new opportunities for optimizing performance and it enables access to features that were previously unavailable to remote FileMaker Go clients. Our FMRPC product and other techniques have allowed this type of functionality with FileMaker 12, but having this capability built into the FileMaker 13 platform means we can leverage it much more broadly. Performing a script remotely allows us to build solutions that:

  • Dramatically improve remote performance for data-intensive tasks
  • Access plug-in features and complex web services from FileMaker Go
  • Perform scripts asynchronously
  • Seamlessly leverage FileMaker’s security model

Performance optimization

When the client is FileMaker Pro and it’s on the same fast local network as the server, performing a script on the server instead of on the client will likely have very little performance benefit. However, as the network latency between the client and server increases (Wi-Fi, WAN, 3G/4G) or the performance of the client machine decreases (iPad, iPhone) performing a script on the server can be many, many times faster.

Some of the kinds of scripts we’ve found to have the highest performance improvement include:

  • Scripts that create, modify, or delete many records
  • Scripts that aggregate or summarize data
  • Scripts that need to perform finds on unindexed data