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    Keeping Record focus after Find


      I am using FM 13 Adv

      I have a table: Members



      ActiveInactive (Holds 'Active' or 'Inactive' status)

      MemCan (Holds 'Member' or 'Candidate')




      The table holds Members and Candidates, Active and Inactive designations for each.


      With the record pointer on Fred Flintstone, I search for "Active" and "Member" to find

      that group. Great.

      But, once I find the group, I need to put the record pointer back on the Fred Flintstone record.


      I have tried collecting Fred's PK in a variable. OK. And then I Find it. OK. Now have Fred's record

      in a set of 1 of 1. When I now search for all Members who are Active, I loose the focus of Fred's record.

      Now, Dave Crocket's record has the focus.


      Here is my script:

      ($$MemPKID is prevously established as the KP_MemberID)


      Thanks for your thoughts....