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    From where does FM load fonts on a Mac


      This is FM 11 on Macs running 10.7 and 10.8. We have several fonts that are available to Word and InDesign but aren't available in FileMaker. My question is: How I set FM to access fonts from Extensis Font server?




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          As far as I know, FM builds its font list from the OS, so any font that is open and available to the OS is available to FM. BUT!—there is always a but—FM has no inbuilt method of font activation (again, AFAIK) whereas InDesign does, and since you mention Word perhaps that does also. So where does that leave you?


          1.     You could manually activate the required fonts in Font Server—might be OK for occasional use, but a bit of a pain.

          2.     You could set the fonts to be permanently activated by Font Server—simplest solution if you need them regularly, as they will be activated every time you launch you computer.

          3.     You may be able to create an Applescript that, say, runs from a layout script trigger and activates the font when required—I haven't tried this, but it's at least theoretically possible I imagine.