FMP 13 Manage Security File Access tab

Discussion created by pmconaway on Jan 9, 2014
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I'm a little confused. I noticed this Tab in FMP 13 and when I went back to FMP 12 it is there also. Here is what I'm trying to.


I'm trying to create a centralized Reference database. Some of the reference tables are Filemaker Pro files. Some of them are Oracle hosted databases. I'm trying to create a database that I can use as a standard location to grab reference data from. I'm planning on creating TO for the oracle tables. (I have a read only account access ) and then load my filemaker pro reference tables into the Master reference database. This data will be hosted on a Filemaker Pro server. I would like to then have any solutions that I create look to this Master reference database as a standard. Currently I link to external data sources as needed for my solutions. When I access a solution I need to enter the passwords for each of the external files. What I would like to be able to do is have the access stored in the file (solution file) instead of having to enter it. I was hoping the "Manage Security/File Access" would solve this issue. But apparently not. As a developer I don't have a problem entering the passwords but it prevents me from allowing other users to access the solution I created as it isn't appropriate for them to have access to the passwords connected to some of the reference tables.


This development is internal only.


Having said all that. What exactly is the purpose of the File Access tab? If I have file A and add File B to it's File access list does that mean The only FMP file that can access File A is File B? I often have TOs in multiple solutions connected to File A.


Any help is appreciated. Thanks