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    Webdirect guest acces direct login url ?


      Under FMP Server 12 you could make a url link with a direct login to a DB. And let it login for example by guest.

      What is the url in webdirect. It is not the same structure.

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          There is no need to use account names/passwords as this is taken care of by FileMaker ...  just point the user to the database, <https://yourURL/fmi/webd#yourDatabase> and whatever login you have set up in FileMaker will be the default login for WebDirect. e.g. if you have set up to "auto login" using a user/password (File -> File Options...) this will be used to log into Web Direct. Conversely if you have set the database to require a username/password, the user will be challenged.


          There is no way to pass it through a URL as far as I know. It's a huge security risk, and I'm sure it's left out on purpose.


          You can have a default login (IE guest), and a re-login script if you need a user to log in with a specific account.

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            Do you mean to alter the URL with account=guest sort of thing?


            If so, I look for this as well. I had a working login form that forwarded Account and Password to an IWP solution. Now, I can't get it to work with WebDirect...


            Not a guest account, but it's probably the same tweak.