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Relationship sorting confusion

Question asked by njem on Jan 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2014 by njem

Confused on relationship sorting.



If I have three tbls connected by a chain of relationship shouldn't the results I get from the last table match the record found in the 2nd table?



Tbl1 is types of widgets. Some current record is selected.



Relationship to tbl2 which is brand of battery that went into that type of widget. May be several matching records as different brands are used over time.



Relationship from tbl2 to tbl3 which is address of battery factory.



All tables have auto-serial numbers which is what they link on.



So if in the first relationship I have it sort descending, then a field on a layout showing battery brand should show me the last brand of battery ever used for the current widget. That works. I would then expect an address field to show me the address of that battery factory, but it doesn't. Just seems to show the first address it comes upon, or maybe it's the last one it finds, not sure, part of my confusion. So just dropping a field from each of the three tables on a layout, and wanting to show info on the last battery brand used, I should have WidgetA, LastBrandForA, and Address of LastBrandForA. Instead Address may not be the right one. How can that be?