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    FM 13 Adv Charting


      My app is pretty much finished. The reports are generated. Now I want to add some charts.


      I have a Sub Summary report that summarizes on Members::Type (Pst Mstr, 50 YR Mem, Honorary Membr)


      My Chart layout is based on the same table as the report and the chart object is in a subsummary section.


      The problem is that this FM chart is uggggggg-ly. There doesn't seem to be a way to control the display

      of the Types... I have tried changing the fonts and I thought I would be able to click and drag objects;

      but apprently I can not.


      How do you deal with this?





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          Jan 12

          Fixed the problem.

          I had, in an effort to see how I could get the best text appearances, turned on "Reorder

          Based on Summary Field".  Apparently that command over rides FM's

          display sequence and thus produced the 'jammed' text above. 

          Lesson learned.