NEW - Allegro Instant Help (FREE)

Discussion created by AllegroDataSolutions on Jan 11, 2014

NEW  - FREE Developer Tool


Allegro Instant Help is source code for adding online help to your FileMaker Pro 13 solutions.


It features a hierarchical list of help topics in a portal, on the left side of the layout. Clicking on a topic displays it on the right. Any topic can be designated as a subtopic of another. You can have as many levels as you need and sort entries within each level.


There are two layouts. The first is for data entry (which would normally be hidden from the end user, or deleted before the solution is deployed). The second is the user interface. The end user can expand and collapse levels, as needed, or optionally display only topics that match keywords entered.


Though conceived as a help system, this code can be used for any records that you need to organize in a hierarchal order. 


Free download from the Allegro Data Solutions web site: