Dynamic Value List trouble

Discussion created by carguybikeguy on Jan 11, 2014
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Hello Folks,

I just came across a potentially critical mistake in how I use a dynamic value list to auto populate a price for something.


The skinny: I have an invoice layout that lets a user define a category for a basic product. When the category is set, the product field is limited to just the products in that category. No issues there. That works beautifully. The issue is the price for the item is set when the category is chosen, not when the actual item is chosen and changing the item does not result in a subsequent change in price for that line item.


Workflow inside of invoice is:

Define the category for a new base item.

Depending on that category (ex: Juices), choose from dynamically created list of items. (There might be four items in the Juices category; OJ 4oz, OJ 8oz, AJ 4oz, AJ 8oz)

OJ 4oz is $1, OJ 8oz is $2

AJ 4oz is $1.25 and AJ 8oz is $2.50 for four different prices.

The price for the line item gets set (or should be anyway) at appropriate price for each item when the item is chosen.


Rather than the desired outcome however, the category choice drives the price and then that's it. No change in price happens when a different item is selected from the dynamic items list.