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    FMS 13 Interactive content not working in Preview mode


      I recently upgraded to filemaker server 13 (from 12) and I noticed a really strange behaviour with the containers.


      I have a layout with a list of students showing in 2 columns with their pictures. The container field is set to show interactive content. in browse mode, the pictures appear correctly, but as soon as I switch to preview or that I try to print or save as pdf, the pictures don't appear anymore. And to be even more complicated, there are still some situation where it works:


      It ALWAYS works in the following cases:


      - filemaker 12/13 clients on mac

      - filemaker 12/13 clients on windows but only for machine on the same network.


      It NEVER works for


      - filemaker 12/13 clients on windows connecting from distant sites


      It used to work fine under filemaker server advanced 12.



      Any ideas on how I could solve that problem? I know I can set the container to show images instead of interactive content, the only problem I have with this solution is that the size of the pdf or the print job is way to high as it takes the full size of each picture.

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          That's probably due to the TCP/IP port consolidation work that was put into FM13



          Interactive field content is streamed through port 16000 I believe and if that port is blocked then it would explain why it is not working for the remote users.


          Interactive content for containers is usually for "big content" like multi-page PDFs and video/audio.  Not sure you are getting much benefit for pictures.

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            Thanks for your quick answer!


            I thought it might be a port issue, but then why would it work on the mac client and not on the windows client? In my case, port 16000 is open to be able to access the admin console from any site.


            Well, the benefit I get by showing interactive content is that the size of the pdf generated from the student list or the size of the print job sent to network printer is really optimized (at least 7 to 8 times lighter) not to mention that the time needed to generate the pdf is much faster as well when showing interactive content instead of pictures.


            I could also resize all the pictures, but the point was to have a high quality copy in the database and let FMS do the job. And as I said before, it was working fine in 12. and it's still working fine for local users...