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    Sandboxed FileMaker Pro Inevitable


      To my great surprise Apple’s professional DAW Logic Audio will be released completely sandboxed with the next update. Audio plug-in developers have been notified that Logic Audio will require sandboxed audio plug-ins as well. This begs the question if OS X will restrict software which is not sandboxed in the near future and how this will affect FileMaker Pro:


      Which limitations would a sandboxed FileMaker present to a FileMaker developer? Is it even possible to sandbox a FileMaker file or even a runtimes without access to the proper OS X developer tools? Will this be the end of FileMaker runtimes which already suffer from code signing incompatibilities in OS X 10.8-10.9?

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          Oy, this entire Sandbox kaka is for the birds.   I understand on iPhones and iPads (but don't like it).  I find it HORRENDOUS on a desktop.

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            What do you mean by sandboxed?  I dealt with this in a slightly different context a while back..  In this case it was testing a credit card processing system.  The sandbox meant that I could put through all of the transctions I needed to confirm the system was really working.  However the card in question was never actually charged and no real transctions took place.  Somehow I don't see this as a test scenario.

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              @ Bruce

              All iOS apps are sandboxed which gives you an idea of how well software is able to interact in a sandboxed environment. You would have to live with some of the same limitations that FMGo currently has. Basically each applications lives in it's own container and is unable to access the underlying OS without special permissions. For instance an application wouldn't have access to common folders like ~/Library and ~/Documents.


              @ Everyone

              Just a quick update since I have started this thread. I understand that Logic Audio is in no way related to FileMaker, however, the underlying issue of sandboxing is. Once Apple tackles the sandboxing of Logic Audio there really is no reason for any other software to be excluded from being sandboxed since a DAW represents a biggest hurdle in a sandboxed world.


              Logic Audio is in the unique position of relying heavily on third party developers who offer a wide array of audio plug-ins. Without their support Logic Audio would not be able to compete with other DAWs. It turns out that a few plug-ins developers created enough traction to build an opposition that forced Apple to move from their 'security is non-negotiable' position to a 'wait and see' approach.


              Apple initially planned sandboxing Logic Audio as a precaution since future versions of OS X will close down large portions of the system. Any application that is not sandboxed represents a 'malware vector' which allows a malicious coder to circumvent the sandbox and get into the underlying OS X. And therein lies the crux of the argument why this is a significant development for FileMaker. The more software is placed inside the sandbox the higher the risk that a few of the remaining softwares will be used as malware vectors. Only if each application is sandboxed the underlying OS X is secure.