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    Insert From URL and JSON mysterium




      I have built a nice database that uses isbndb.com to get data about books. To do that I use their JSON api which worked great until a few days ago...


      Here are the steps:

      $url_to_insert contains a URL like this: http://isbndb.com/api/v2/json/[your-api-key]/book/9780849303159

      Insert From URL (select;No Dialog; ADMIN::JSON_DATA; $url_to_insert)


      This used to just simply insert the returned data in my global field JSON_DATA and I could parse it from there.


      Now the field stays empty and I get error 507 in the debugger.

      Other websites work just fine.

      The same URL pasted in a browser works.

      THe same URL used in a webviewer in FMP works.


      I am really at a loss. I even tried changing the field JSON_DATA to a container field and guess what: Insert from URL puts a nice little text file with the JSON code I want in there. I just simply cant get the text.

      If it helps: I am on OSX Mavericks, FMP Adv. 12.0v5.


      Does anybody have an idea where to look?