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    Popover - State - OnObjectExit


      Hi, as I capture the event (close popover), the idea is to prevent the popover is closed, if the fields do not meet validation.


      1 -. I have a popover (object name = Obj_Popover_1)
      2 -. Has an associated script, "exitPopover" (trigger-> OnObjectExit)


      If words = "true"

      Go to Object [ "Obj_Popover_1" ]



      a -. I press the popover. (open popover.)
      b -. clicking on presentation (outside popover), satisfies the condition., but not launch the script.


      *** If change Go To Object for Custom Message ... works, ... any suggestions.





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          GoToObject does not OPEN a popover, it will just highlight the popover button.


          Instead of naming the popover button object, name the title inside the popover instead. Then use GoToObject to go to the title.


          Also, use your script debugger as well, as it helps see in the trigger process where things don't work per your expectation.

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            If I understand correctly, you want the popover to remain open if some condition is met / not met. If so, then it's easier to force it to remain open, instead of opening it again.


            You can use this script (fragment) as OnObjectExit script for the popup panel, not the button:


            If [ MyTable::myField = "False" // or some other expression ]

              Exit Script [ Result: False ]

            End If

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              Hi Mike,


              Go to Object: Opens the popover, smoothly - provided that the popover (no button) has an associated name object.


              thanks Mike, thanks erolst,... I'll prove it.