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Re-Sorting Portal Records After Update

Question asked by rmittelman on Jan 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2014 by erolst

This should be very simple, but I'm missing something:


I created a new database from the Customers starter solution. I added one table, Phone Numbers, because I wanted to store several (unlimited) numbers per person.

The table has the same ID as the customers table has, plus a description, phone and formatted phone field. In addition, I added a numeric "Seq" field, which is simply the order I want to show the numbers in.

The relationship specifies to sort the records by the Seq field, as does the portal that I added on my customer detail form.


The portal is in a tab control panel, and has columns for Seq, Description and Phone. When I view the portal it's properly sorted and shows the 2 numbers (Seq 10 & 20) in the proper order. Now when I want to change the order, I modify the "10" Seq to "25", and it should then re-order the portal records, right? I expect the entire record must be saved, so I tab to the next portal record, and nothing happens.


If I go to another tab page and back, the records are still in the same order ("25" then "20"). However, if I move off the layout (go from Customer Details to Customers) then move back, the records in the portal are now in the proper order ("20" then "25"). Ideally, this re-ordering should happen on a timlier basis. I tried using script triggers, triggering a refresh window script step, but this doesn't seem to help.


Is there any easy way to refresh the portal records? Thanks...