Simple import hangs FM13

Discussion created by cortical on Jan 15, 2014
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the source data is from PBS ( Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme). A text file 26MB contains just under 1000 authority criteria ( a number, a text explanation, 3 single character codes)



To remove the size issue, a small sample (22) criteria were copied and saved asa .txt file

then opened into a spreadsheet (LibreOffice) using tab dilimiter. The expected result in the import dialogue looks correct

once imported some text fields appear empty, but clicking on the field shows the value - some quirky space character anomaly....

save this as .xls


open the xls into FMA13 and a cyling hang, cpu 100%, occasionaly swalpping cores ( MacBookPro OS 10.8.5)



I also tried pushing the source text through TextWrangler to show invisibles, and Smultron, it crashed both.


Attached sample small text file if anyone is game to take a look.

Suggestions as to alternate methods?