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Repeating Fields and Go to Object, not working - FM13

Question asked by dhuebsch on Jan 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2014 by dhuebsch

We recently upgraded to FM13 and have found something that no longer works (This worked great in FM12). I have a script that runs OnModify of many of my input fields called "Refresh". It was modified from the original script found in the FM training series. So the script allows me to pass a Object Name back to it, so that once it performs the refesh it will go back into the field it came from. I am sure many other users have a similar script. This script has worked fine for a long time. It seems now, the script will not work on the not first repetition of a repeating field. For example my field is "InputText[2]" and the object name is "InputTwo", however when I run the script line "Go To Object "InputTwo" nothing happens. If I change the field to the first repetition it works fine. Any ideas on how to get around this besides separating my repeating field into several fields?