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    Using image as a fill for the body


      Using an image as a fill for the body, I have encountered a very repeatable anomaly and I need someone to explain why if possible. I have attached two screen caps zoomed to the left side of layout where Header and Body meet. The first screen cap displays this area using the default image for the body of the theme "Purple" ("purplebody.png" found in the "images" folder of the Themes). Notice it lines up with the header perfectly. The second screen cap I used the exact same image only I colorized it blue using the Hue/Saturation settings in PSD but did not alter the dpi or size of the image. Back in FMPA, I selected this new blue image as the fill for the body. Then I set the horizontal & vertical parameters for the slice option exactly as they were in the Purple theme but notice it doesn't even come close to lining up with the header. Anyone know why?

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          I've given up on attempting to match graphics between a header and body part in FMP; I have adopted the "no headers here" approach if the graphic elements are really important so I don't have to fight trying to get rid of the mismatches that seem to ensue.  I know this isn't an answer to your question, but its my solution to the connundrum.