802 error with Filemaker 12 2 box config

Discussion created by tcwaters on Jan 14, 2014

We set up our first Filemaker Server config on Windows servers in November, amd everything was running fine for some time. Then about the start of January, I began to have problems with IWP. THe IWP login page lists the databases, but any try to open a databse produces a "Database Not Available" error. In the logs this is listed as a 802 error. If I stop the web publishing engin via the admin console and then restart it, IWP works again for a short period, but within as short as 15 minutes, the same error comes up.


Documentation for this error talks about license issues, although since it was working and then stopped I'm nt sure what to make of that.


Both the master server and the helper box (this is a two box config) are at FMSA12.0.4.


I'm not sure if I should just try and update to 12.0.5; if I should uninstall on one or both boxes and resinstall with 12.0.5.


The master server seems to be running just fine. Clients cvan open and work in databases without issue. CWP via the PHP API works just fine too. It is on;y IWP which is experiencing the issue.


I'd like to be focusing on moving everything to FMS 13, but I can't even work on a test server til I have this stable again.


Thoughts on how I should troubleshoot and repair this issue?