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WebDirect issue - can't navigate to selected record from portal in a popover

Question asked by dburnham on Jan 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2014 by dburnham

I have a script that works perfectly in FMPro but can't work in Web Direct. All the script steps are permissible for Web Direct.


I've re-written the script several ways, but it still won't work in Web Direct. Here's a description. It's easy to replicate this:


There is one layout in the database with 13 records.


In the header of the layout there is a new popover button. In the popover, there is a portal. The relationship is a self-relationship, such that the portal displays all 13 records in the table.


In each portal row is one field. The field displays the name of the related record. The field is assigned to be a button that will cause the related record to become the current record in view.


I've scripted it several ways. One way uses sets variable with either the recordID or some other field value of the related record, and then a Perform Find step performs a find for the value in the variable.


In Web Direct, I can't see it the variable is being set of used, but the result in Web Direct is that it always presents the first record in the table. In FileMaker Pro, it always finds the correct record.


I am confident that it does not have anything to do with Guest permissions because it works in FileMaker Pro when logged in with the same credentials as a Web Direct user.


If I re-write the script to open the status area, I am able to verify that it isalways on record #1, and I can then navigate manually to the other records.


I've tried to substitute Go to Record by calculation instead of using a Find Command, but the result is the same.


It's would be easy enough to rebuild the solution so that instead of a portal in the popover button, there are 13 individual buttons, each one with its own Perform Script designation or the same script with a script parameter. But for the time being, I have to conclude that I've stumbled upon a bug in Web Direct.