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    password protect tabs


      I have a database that I want to password protect 3 of 4 tabs visible.

      Maybe be able to have access to the tabs based on log in id?

      Any thoughts on how to do this. . .


      See screen shot of the tabs, the first tab I want accessible by the users

      the rest are for staff.


      Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 2.47.43 PM.png

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          Trap to see which tab the user is trying to enter. Attach a script trigger and use the script to test if the user is allowed in or not.

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            Thanks for the ideas, it sent me down another path, using security, as everyone that uses this DB has to

            have id and password. Created new layout with it being the ony layout certain users can access. That works

            the only item that doesn't work is the image capture. Inages are stored in the data base, with all privileges

            turned on image capture works fine