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Dial Phone not working 5s

Question asked by wbuitendyk on Jan 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2014 by wbuitendyk

I created a business contact form for Filemaker Go with a couple of tabs. On one tab I have home_phone, work_phone and mobile_phone. I've turned the labels into buttons and inserted the dial phone sript with no dialog. Initially this worked well but after a few modifications and tweaking to my form these phone button no longer work. The script is still in place. I have an address field underneath with a map script attached and it launches and works fine.


The contacts starter solution still works fine. I've tried uninstalling Filemaker Go then reinstalling. I've tried buttons above the tab control. I've tried dialog and no dialog. With dialog it will create the pop up with the displayed number but will not dial.


Does anyone have any ideas? I just purchased Filemaker and was exicited by Filemaker Go. I hope that excitment doesn't turn to regret.