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    Multi-table simultaneous import?


      FileMaker is promoting FileMaker Pro Advanced and is listing its many features.


      I do not know what they mean by this claim:


      Multiple Table Import

      Build or modify databases faster by importing multiple tables at once.



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          They mean schema, not data – using the Import button in the Tables tab of Manage Database.

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            I'm glad I'm not the only one who was wondering about this. In the email I received, they worded it a little differently, as "Multiple Table Functions" – and I was wondering what exactly they meant by that. I clicked over to the product page that Bruce linked above and saw the text he quoted. I was hoping that meant the ability to import data on multiple tables at once. That would be pretty cool!




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              They definitely mean the transfer of one or more tables (including fields but without data) from an existing file to an other file.


              Using the word "import" here is misleading.



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                I work with various dbs (including SQLs and FM). I don't recall the ability to do that for any of them.


                However, I thought at one time in FMP, a one-one relationship would allow you to import into related fields (perhaps on the layout used for import?). I just don't try to worry about whether this really works and use separate imports.


                The "problem" with this is that there may or may not be a key field for relating the data. If you import into parent and auto-enter an ID field, how is that then "imported" into the child table(s) as foreign key? (rhetorical question!!) So, I often create temporary keys that are used to set the  correct fields when importing separately.