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How to create a range of value for initial and last serial number?

Question asked by jaag26hon on Jan 15, 2014
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Hello Guys,


I am going to developed database to keep track of all the product serial numbers for the company I work for.

Now, this is the situation. Each product comes in a 30 - 40 units-Box; on the outside the box there is a label

with the initial and last serial number, and instead of entering the serial # one by one to the system, the user

will have to just enter the first and last number in the script will generate the range of serial numbers.

However, these serial numbers normally contain some letters in the middle. For example, XN130PA00042; when

the numbers reaches its maximum value then the letters changes. For, example, XN130PA99999 ==>XN130PB00000



Could please someone help me to create a script in which the user enter FROM: XN130PA99995 TO: XN130PB00025

and the program will automatically gerenate range of 30 serial numbers ?