Database Magazine in English on Apple NewsStand

Discussion created by mgiordani on Jan 16, 2014

Dear all,


It's with great pleasure that I've finally published my First Issue of Database Magazine on Apple NewsStand. You can get it for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch from here:


This has been for a long time one of my projects that I've always wanted to do since the arrival of NewsStand. I had in the past helped handle WebSite Story Magazine, in a previous job.


Now I've managed to put together my passion for Database solutions, devices and data mobility to my passion for Editing and design and marketing.


It's an on going project so, any feedback, suggestions or questions are welcome.


Kind Regards

Maurizio Giordani


Here is just a quick description of the magazine and the front cover of issue 1:




Database Magazine - The one stop source of information about all the latest cutting edge Database technologies and how they can be used with mobile devices, in a completely revolutionized work environment, without boundaries or conventional spaces.


If you’re looking to understand better what databases are, how they work and how they can be used in a mobile work environment and in your company, this magazine is a must have on your iPad or iPhone.


Every edition will look at different aspects of databases, how to deploy them at best in your work-flows, how to take advantage truly of the endless possibilities offered by mobile devices.