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    Java upgrade


      Does anyone know if there are any reasons to not upgrade to the latest java on a windows server 2008 R2 runninf FMServer12 Advanced? I should add, I am using CWP. I myself have always said no to the upgrades when prompted, but I am being asked by a client if it is OK.

      Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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          What version of 12 are you using?


          I would (my opinion, you might have other requirements) highly recommend AGAINST upgrading Java on a FileMaker 12 Server except for the packaged Java updater that is in the FileMaker installer.


          I think the Java version changed from 6 to 7 or something like that in FMS 12.0v4, but it's been a while since I updated that.


          From my experience with Java in FMS8-12 (as long as I was using those products), it was "leave well enough alone", as on more than one occasion I broke FMS with a Java update.

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            Having just gone though three hours of scrambling to restore an FM 11 Server Advanced on a Windows 2008 Server, I'll say I completely agree with Mike.  We had a well-meaning tech, who doesn't work much on FileMaker servers, download and install the latest Java upgrade when he noticed the current version was outdated.  I ended up uninstalling everything and reinstalling from scratch to get the old version of Java back.  Now we're actually running an older version than when this started.  But (on the good side) that server is going to be upgraded to FM 13 Server ASAP.

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              Yeah, the real solution would be to update from FMS12 to FMS13, where the Java dependency is dropped (and there was much rejoicing).


              FMS13 can still host FM12 files and be accessed via FM12 clients. Just be aware that FM12 can not access any features of FMS/FM13 (like the quite handy "perform script on server" step).

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                Hi Egbert,


                Thank you for forwarding Claus' message.  I believe that it is spot on, and exactly what people need to read.


                Thanks and best,





                Relevant links woth reading:


                Oracle's description of the change with the Java update (thanks to James Branum in another post on TechNet):




                FMI's description of the FMS12.0v5 update:



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                  Thanks for the info, very timely.  Looks like my weekend just got a little busier.



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                    I know this is an old thread but thought this may be useful to folks.


                    There is a sloultion for those still stuck on FileMaker Server 11 or other older versions on Windows. This involves creating an "Exception Site List" entry in the Java Control Panel. See link below.