FMExample Plugin Deprecated?

Discussion created by DavidMoore on Jan 16, 2014
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So, I'm working on migrating a solution originally written in Version 9. This solution requires a plugin called FMExample which has a critical function called: XMpl_StartScript.


It works fine on Version 11, even in Mavericks.


But with FileMaker 13 it conflicts with the even more important fmMybutler printer switcher, AND doesn't even load.


OK, I'm fine with the loss of the FMExample plugin EXCEPT for that one funtion (XMpl_StartScript) that it provided.

It was apparently used in some sort of script-triggering before FileMaker 10 was released.


I know which scripts it was triggering, and in which fields (the fields were validated through a calculation).


So, my question for those smarter than I:


Anyone have any idea what the function written into this discontinued plugin actually did?


I await with baited breath...