Plugins and Windows 8 - FYI

Discussion created by MattLeach on Jan 16, 2014

Im not sure if this was an isolated incident with my particular plugin but thought i would share in case anyone else runs across this.


I have been utilizing a plugin from X-Charge for about 2 years without issue. I recently upgraded my computer to Windows 8. After the upgrade, the plugin would not work. If i attempted to select the plugin from the Plugins tab, it would simply give me the following error: "?" Failed to initialize. Happened on both FileMaker 12 and 13. I have one other plugin from 360Works that had no issue.


After 2 weeks of going back and forth with X-Charge we found that the only way we were able to use the plugin is to right-click on the filemaker icon and 'Run as Administrator'. Seems odd as i am a local as well as domain admin but this is the only way it works.


Like i said, im not sure if anyone else will experience this with other plugins but if it saves on person the headache i went through then its worth the post.