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How to do a combination of find and report the total and subtotal in script

Question asked by liyangao on Jan 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2014 by erolst

I tried two ways:


1. Define summary fields in the table. When i do a find on the table, the summary field is automatically updated according to the found subset.


2. I generated individual reports with subtotals and grand totals by creating a reprot layout and saved the automatically generated script from filemaker. I set up an overall report layout so that people can enter the start date and the end date for their report. I added buttons to the report so that people can click on it and found their total and subtotal for the fields they are interested in.


My question is how I can write the script to combine the find step and the report with subtotals and grand totals like in the first way? I tried the following script but it does not apply the time filter. The find part and the report of subtotals are not connected somehow.


Set variable[$start_date; value:tablename::startdate]

set variable[$end_date; value:tablename::enddate]


enter find mode

set error capture [on]

perform find


if [get(FoundCount)=0]

{close window;

halt script;}


{enter browse mode

go to layout ["REPORT- Age"]}




Any hint on how to correct the problem?

Thanks a lot for your help!