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FileMaker Pro Runtime Solutions for iOS on the App Store

Question asked by martgibson on Jan 17, 2014

I am wondering if anyone can tell me if there are any plans for allowing evaluation and distribution of FMP 13 iOS runtime solutions on the App Store in conjuction with the free download of FileMaker Go 13. I know that technically there should be no issues, that is such runtime files with (.fmpur) suffix can be transfered using iTunes or opened from email in Go, and I know that other registered file designations work when downloaded using iTunes. I have done it, so I know it works, even though it was my understanding in talking with a FileMaker marketing support staffer that it wouldn't. With FileMaker's marketing of the program as an iOS platform, one would think that this would be an obvious way for Apple/Filemaker to get in on the creative productivity of FileMaker developers and encourage sales of FM as an alternative to the iOS development kit. Anyone?