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Scripted printing for 11x17" and multiple printers… worth it?

Question asked by flybynight on Jan 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2014 by JFWX5

In my main solution, I have a nubmer of forms and reports that are all built for 8.5x11" paper, where we script the printing. That is, the user never sees the native "Print" dialog. Since 8.5x11" (aka "Letter" size) is the standard in the US, it just works for all of my users, Mac or Windows, with various printers. It prints to the user's default printer.


For one of the more frequent forms, we are moving it to an 11x17" layout. We have a few different printers that can print 11x17", but they are different brands, and they are not always the default printer for that user.


Any thoughts on the headaches of conditional branching for 10 user and 4 different printers, vs just giving them the native print dialog? The goal has always been to just make it "idiot proof" - but I may have to do some training instead. My print layout gathers up some stuff, based on the number of child records, goes to a print layout, adds 1 record for every 10 line items, and has multiple portals that filter each set of 10 child records. So if I give them print dialog, I'm also going to have to trap for situations where they cancel or do something else that could leave them stranded.


I had also thought about creating a PDF and letting them print from that, but that's another step in another program, so that seems worse that training them for the print dialog.


If it matters, we are still on FM 12.


Thanks for any input!