Quickest/Safest way to transfer a found set of records from one window to the next

Discussion created by PeterWindle on Jan 17, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2014 by PeggyConant

Hello all,


I have a find script that creates a new window, performs a find then returns the found set, closing off the original window.


This works very well, expet that if a user starts in one table, then performs a search in another table, the original found set in the original table has changed.


I was thinking that perhaps I should change the script to return the found set of records to the original window, rather than close off the original window...


so, what would be the quickest/safest way of doing this?


I was thinking that I can use "list" to grab all the record ID's then perform a find using the list values in the original window...?


If ths found set is large, I'm thiking that this could be dangerous??


Any other suggestions?