OS X Migration - Tips Requested

Discussion created by DrewTenenholz on Jan 19, 2014
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I'm looking for a few tips on how to migrate FMServer 12 from one OS X machine to another. With the help of an Apple tech, we've used Migration Assistant, but there are some quirks to this upgrade (like moving the FMS backup folder location and user folders to an external Thunderbolt drive) that are proving a bit troublesome.


The problem of the moment is transferring the most recent copy of the live files (which include FM12 Managed Container field contents that are encrypted) to the new machine. Obviously, the old drag & drop + fix permissions afterwards is not going to work, since the OS complains that I (as a specific user) don't have permission to copy all of the nested folders.


If necessary, we could use the FM12 Console to 'download' the files, and then 'upload' them to the new machine, but that would mean copying a 5-10 GB of data TWICE, when it should be possible to do it once.


So, I'm looking for tips on transferring the data in a single step. Any ideas?


N.B. This must preserve the ability for FMPro to actually access the encrypted container field data on the new machine.


-- Drew Tenenholz