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FM Go: Take a picture -> crop it -> store in Container field. How??

Question asked by ymeron on Jan 19, 2014
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Hi guys, any suggestions on the challenge below will be most welcome!


A client of ours receives equipment in their warehouse. They use iPhones to take a photo of the sticker attached to the equipment. Example of such a sticker:




The requirement is to extract the Serial Number from the plate and store it in a text field in FileMaker.


The challenge is that stickers come in all shapes and sizes (depending on equipment brand, model etc), and you can’t tell where the serial number is going to be on the sticker, which makes it a challenge for OCR.


The process needs to be quick and easy for the receiving user. What we were thinking of is a process as follows:


  1. On iPhone, user clicks a “Scan” button on FM Go application
  2. This launches a custom built iOS app (via Open URL) which activates the camera, letting the user take a picture and then crop it so it contains just the serial number
  3. The cropped picture is then returned from the iOS App to FileMaker Go and stored in a Container field
  4. FM Server runs OCR to extract the text from the cropped picture


Has anyone had experience developing a cutom app such as this?

Alternatively can you think of other approaches to the problem? Perhaps using a web viewer on iPhone that lets the user crop the picture?


In any approach the process has to be quick and easy to do , which is why we thought an iOS app launched from FM Go would be the best approach.


Thank you for your insight!