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    End of page markers


      Hi All,

      I have a text field which extends to potentially print up to 5 pages of text depending on the users input. On the entry layout I want to show the end of page breaks so that the text can be edited to give a sensible point to break over pages. I have set the text to be 14pt Arial and I get 42 lines on the first page (includes a header) and 47 lines on subsequent pages. The markers have then be drawn in at an appropriate position ie some 700 pixels down, 1473 pixels down etc. Now that works fine BUT if the user chooses another size of font eg 12 pt it all falls down. The displayed point of the page breaks which I carefully set up no longer indicate the printed page break- it permits an additional line to be printed beyond what is displayed. I am puzzled as to why I have this variable real estate since I rather assumed that my end of page markers would physically fix the area ie regardless of font or size what is within the markers would be printed. My expectation has been that with a smaller or larger font size the markers would always show where the text would break.

      Any ideas most gratefully received even if to explain that this cannot be done!


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          Force your field to be the specified font size




          Either as a trigger or an auto-enter calc, you can reformat all text in the field to the specified font size after a user has made their edits.

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            Hi MVS,


            the way I handle this in our solutions is to have a second window which always shows the end document in preview mode. This window is located side-by-side with the main (letter) editing window.


            The edit fields on the primary window trigger the update of the preview window OnObjectExit i.e. whenever the user commits the current record.

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              I did this with one font, but markers on the layout showing "pages" when various ZOOM %s are applied. The user could choose a zoom variable and see where each break (the markers) would be when that zoom was applied. No need to toggle between preview and browse unless they really wanted to test. I also had scripts with the zoom, in each page setup. Then set the zoom based on the variable set, before preview or print.  


              The user was required to have a single page report and this worked well for them. It may or may not give you the options you seek for your multi-page reports. That it as you wish.


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              Beverly Voth


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                Yes forcing the change to font size does deal with the problem as long as the user is prepared to accept this. Unfortunately my users occassionally choose to headline in 16pt and put notes of lesser importance in 12pt so it looks like this flexibility would have to be removed. I still cannot understand why the area established for 14 point does not simply convert to an area where what is created in that space on the screen is what is printeds to pdf.

                Thanks for your thoughts.

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                  Yes I guess this will do the trick providing but I do not have enough screen space right of the text field without requiring a right scroll to view. I could add the scroll right as part of the exit trigger. I was hoping that the lines across the text field marked as end of page ie page breaks could be fixed allowing the uiser to see that were on a page break and should consider forcing some returns in order to have coherence from page to page.


                  Thanks for your thoughts


                  - Mike-

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                    Hi Mike,


                    Actually we implemented more than I mentioned: on the main editing window you also have


                    - a page counter which indicates how many pages the final document will have (I open a window offscreen at -2000 on x and y, go into preview, go to last page and get its number, then close the window)


                    - a left and right arrow, which set the preview to next and previous page, so that you can decide where to put some returns in order to have the final document look the way you want. The preview window stays on the choosen page.


                    Our clients are happy with this implementation. Their major concern is usually to keep the letter one page long by all means, though.