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End of page markers

Question asked by MVS29f on Jan 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2014 by siplus

Hi All,

I have a text field which extends to potentially print up to 5 pages of text depending on the users input. On the entry layout I want to show the end of page breaks so that the text can be edited to give a sensible point to break over pages. I have set the text to be 14pt Arial and I get 42 lines on the first page (includes a header) and 47 lines on subsequent pages. The markers have then be drawn in at an appropriate position ie some 700 pixels down, 1473 pixels down etc. Now that works fine BUT if the user chooses another size of font eg 12 pt it all falls down. The displayed point of the page breaks which I carefully set up no longer indicate the printed page break- it permits an additional line to be printed beyond what is displayed. I am puzzled as to why I have this variable real estate since I rather assumed that my end of page markers would physically fix the area ie regardless of font or size what is within the markers would be printed. My expectation has been that with a smaller or larger font size the markers would always show where the text would break.

Any ideas most gratefully received even if to explain that this cannot be done!