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Sorting Variables

Question asked by robrickard on Jan 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2014 by jrenfrew

I have a record with multiple fields. Each field on the record holds a summited number. The request is that the numbers are sorted before placed into the fields (largest to smallest). This is pretty easy to do if there are only 3 numbers as I can do it via CASE. But once it was bumped up to 4 I found out that I can have only one 'AND' in a case script. Which turns normal scripting in a real mess real quick. (trying to keep this simple and my time invested, down)


What i need is to take the 4 (one day may be up to 12) $varibles and sort them from greatest to smallest number and then place them in the layout so users can see the numbers listed from greatest to smallest. Im no longer clear on best practice on how to sort them.


I must be missing some simple function that does this - i have been reading most of the morning and cant find a real solution. Maybe It is not as easy as im thinking it should be. I must be missing something. Maybe my brain is not working today and i just cant think though it. Thanks for any help,