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How can I schedule a daily backup in FM13?

Question asked by kopfteam on Jan 20, 2014
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I upgraded a FileMaker solution from FileMaker server 5.0 to FileMaker Pro 13 (Peer-To-Peer): All databases are opened 24h on one Windows-PC and the 4 other Windows-PCs are accessing it there.


How can I create a scheduled daily backup?


Either quit FileMaker in the middle of the night, copy the database files to a secure location and open the FileMaker databases again or simpy "save a copy" from inside the running FileMaker databases.


Quitting FileMaker with "TASKKILL" seems a bit brutal (Is that a secure way to close a running and shared FileMaker database? Even without the /F parameter?). I didn't find another way to gracefully quit FileMaker from the command line.


Saving a copy from inside FileMaker means scheduling a script to run every night. But how? OnTimerScript doesn't really help here.


Any ideas? This should be a problem that everyone gets who is running FileMaker in a Peer-To-Peer network.