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FMS 13 (on OSX) - FM Go 13 - Containers streaming video

Question asked by cognitionsys on Jan 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2014 by mikebeargie

Hi all,


I have a FM13 server running on OSX. We have developed a solution that allows people to upload video clips from their ipad to the container field. The file uploads to the server great, however if you click on the container and press play, the video comes up and loads for an age, then does nothing.

This is the same for a 5 second clip and a 50 second clip?



The video was recorded offsite and loaded into FMS 13 via a remote connection.

If i go to where the server is hosted and connect on the local LAN the video seems to stream fine

In the FMS 13 setup we have everything set to default - we have not moved the files onto a network or anything.


Onsite broadband speed DL 30Mbps UL 10Mbps


Is this an issue with FM streaming do we think? Once it is working im lookng to use a worldcloud or other hosting provider (mainly for the bandwidth gains)


all opinions and thoughts appreciated...