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FM13 Web Direct Performance

Question asked by revmk on Jan 21, 2014
Latest reply on May 15, 2014 by revmk

Hello all,


Like many I've received the new V13 as part of the maintinance agreement with FM. Since installing on our (reasonably) powerful, dedicated server I've found myself with a bit of a situation....


....the performance (general speed) of web direct.


I have been unable to get anything near adequate performance accross the LAN (standard office setup - cat 6 - switches etc) despite using simple (in some cases very simple) layouts (without themes) and tables (3 fields). I've tried many browsers; IE10/11, FF25-26 and Safari (version escapes me so assume latest at 15/01/14), yet even the simplist of tasks (edit a record) seems to have lag similar to that you can experience using a remote desktop over a WAN.


Looking around the forums I see very broad discussion of performance but nothing specific.


Am I the only one suffering these issues or am I really missing something so fundamental?