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    FM13 Web Direct Performance


      Hello all,


      Like many I've received the new V13 as part of the maintinance agreement with FM. Since installing on our (reasonably) powerful, dedicated server I've found myself with a bit of a situation....


      ....the performance (general speed) of web direct.


      I have been unable to get anything near adequate performance accross the LAN (standard office setup - cat 6 - switches etc) despite using simple (in some cases very simple) layouts (without themes) and tables (3 fields). I've tried many browsers; IE10/11, FF25-26 and Safari (version escapes me so assume latest at 15/01/14), yet even the simplist of tasks (edit a record) seems to have lag similar to that you can experience using a remote desktop over a WAN.


      Looking around the forums I see very broad discussion of performance but nothing specific.


      Am I the only one suffering these issues or am I really missing something so fundamental?

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          You may be missing out on the need to ensure that your system is sufficiently efficient to work well with FM Web Direct.


          The quickest improvement can probably be made by re-writing all your layouts to efficiently use the new FM13 customisable themes - a big job no doubt - but probably not as big as improving the efficiency of a mature legacy system.


          Alternatively think about rewriting your system from the ground up - having researched the best current views on how to design for web direct - that alternative may well be the best bet if you are prepared to make that investment.


          FM WebDirect is doing virtually all of the work normally shared around the workstations - all on a single machine - so if you do the maths you can see why making your system slim and fast will provide some benefits.


          We have a system about to be released as a public beta which is pretty fast on FM Web Direct - even across the Atlantic but that has involved quite a bit of fairly serious experimentation and development work.


          Good luck - Nick

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            How much RAM does your server have?  How many processors?  How many users?


            I'd suggest using Chrome as it seems to provide the best performance (my personal experience, your mileage may vary). 


            Make sure you setup server with a good amount of RAM cache and that there is plenty left in reserve for your WebDirect sessions. 


            It is not nearly as speedy as full FM, but it is usable even with complex layouts, if put together optimally.

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              Thanks for the replies.


              The server is a Xeon Quad core @ 2.66ghz, 8GB RAM, network is chatty (between other machines) but no more so than any general day to day use.  I am testing with a single user so it easily meets the requirements specified.  The server does nothing but FM (as per FM guides).  Tracing the system usage in Server 2008 suggests the system is not being taxed by any requests from FMS.


              The problem can't be my layouts, nor a problem with the database design.  I've tested single layouts with 2 fields & example ones from FM.


              It might be a browser problem (I can not use Chrome - no business I work with does), but it would seem strange to exclude a whole chunk of customers on the basis of browser choice (IE/FF).  I apreciate the browsers change a bit and support various code to various levels, but this is unworkable.


              I think I really need to see someone elses setup working to determin if this is just the way it is or not.  I shall see if I can see any examples on YouTube.



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                I have a simple file in Web Direct calling another file. It can take anything from 8 to 10 seconds to show in a browser, you can see the menus and tool bars being hidden, it looks terrible. However if you double click the screen as the first redraw occurs it completes almost instantly.  Even if we take all the graphics off the layout there is no improvement, IE of Safari.  The whole thing is going so slow for me its embarrising. Am I missing a script step?

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                  It sounds to me like a whole of caching going on?


                  If you open a single file without file refs to another file do you see similar behaviour?


                  You need to work through and by a process of elimination work out where the issues loading you system reside.


                  Cheers, Nick

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                    One other point in addition to those already raised - make sure you've installed the v2 updater for server. That's made a significant difference for us. It's still not the fastest thing in the world, but many of the little UI annoyances were addressed, which removed much of the perception of slow performance.

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                      Mine was never quite that slow, but was basically unusuable.  It sounds like something else is at play causing your problems.  I did find at one point (by accident) that some ad-blocking software can cause issues, but didn't take the time to look closely.


                      I never managed to eliminate the lag and gave up messing around with it.