Popup Calendar Lockup on iPad

Discussion created by DDoughtie on Jan 22, 2014
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This is vague but just wanted to see if anyone has seen this issue or something similar. Warning.... I can't reproduce it or even get an accurate description of what they are seeing (everything is a "crash" to the users. I thought if someone had seen something that sounds like this I can find somewhere to look. Several users on Go 13 using iOS7 say they are getting a lockup of sorts when they click on a calendar popup. When they click on the date field the Calendar Wheel popups up, and pretty much stays open. They claim they never had this issue with Go 12 / iOS 6. (unfortunately most were migrated to 13 and 7 in pretty rapid order so I can't determine if the issue might be iOS or Go 13).


There is a script trigger attached to the popup but all it does is verify a status field on the record (basically halts the script if the status is marked "done." I have verified that they were not marked "Done."). I'm looking around the layout to see if there are any other script triggers or buttons on other objects that they just happen to hit and created a loop but haven't found any. Unfortunately its not my solution and I'm having to pick it apart to see how all of it works. I'm asking them to let me know which iPad version they are using. Maybe it's a hardware thing.


So I know it's vague but just thought if someone has seen something similar I'd have a jumping off point.


Dan Doughtie