Cannot undo a field modification

Discussion created by johannes on Jan 22, 2014
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Hi all,


I would need help with a strange phenomenon.


I have the following portal row (segment):



Every field from "Art" to "Anz" has a script attached to the "on object modify" event. This script checks for a condition and if true displays a warning and undoes the last modification. The reason is that a modification in one of those fields may cause inconsistancies and must follow a special procedure.


This works on all fields except the field "Typ". If I select a different option in field "Typ" the cursor advances to the next field and the Undo script step does not undo the modification. Although the Field "Art" is also a dropdown list the undo script step does work on this field as on any other field except "Typ".


I have deleted the field "Typ" and put it back in but to no avail.


This just drives me mad.


Any ideas are greatly appreciated.