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    Filemaker and RESTful API


      Hello Everyone,


      With the new http capabilities of Filemaker 13 I'm worndering if I can interact directly between Filemaker and a proprietary REST API. Basically, I need to be able to open a session and then get and put information. The problem is I have no idea where to starts with the Filemaker side and am wondering if someone can help get me started.


      As stated, the first step is to open a session. The instructions in the API documentation says:



      PUT https://www.url.com/developer/api/2/session/

      Content-type: text/xml Accept: text/xml X-PIX-App-Key: 8AC1A910-330D-44E0-84C6-9C1F55545F17 <session> <username>myusername</username> <password>myPassword!</password> <active_project>1982</active_project> </session>

      With www.url.com representing which service of theirs I need to log into.


      Does anyone know how I would execute this in FMP?