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    How to maintain uniform chart size on a dashbord layout?


      I've created a dashboard-style reporting tool that displays a current & previous monthly value plus a 13 month trend for a number of criteria. Attached is an image showing 5 small charts, aligned vertically. All 5 charts objects are exactly the same dimensions: 194 X 132 px. They are, in fact, the same object, duplicated with the same X values (13 months) but each with a unique Y values. Charts #1/3/4 are all the same chart type (Bar) with Data Type: number, Format: percent, Fixed number of decimals: 0.


      The only difference between charts #1/3/4 is that #3 has intiger Y values and the others have decimal Y values. Can anyone suggest why chart #3 displays slightly wider than charts #1/2/4/5 when they all use exactly the same X values? I have recreated it a number of times by duplicating chart #1 and changing only the Y values; each time the new chart displays slightly wider than #1.


      Thx for your thoughts!


      - doug