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Script to copy Record to MS Powerpoint

Question asked by littleitaly5588 on Jan 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2014 by Mike_Mitchell

I'm currently using FM 11, but will be upgrading to FM 13 in a few months. I have a script that copies a record and then holds it in the clipboard for the user to paste it into MS Powerpoint. Here is the script:


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Go To Record/Request/Page [Lessons Learned::Lessons Learned ID]

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Show Custom Dialog [Title: "Copy"; Message: "Your current record is now on your clipboard. Please open MS Powerpoint and select Paste."; Buttons: "OK", "Cancel"]


When the Go To Record/Request/Page activates it brings up a "Specify Number" window for the user to enter the LL ID and the "label" in the window says "Go to Page". The User wants it to say "Go to Record". Is there a way to change this? Or, is there a better way to "export" into Powerpoint?