Pricing concurrent connections with FMPS 14, 15 etc....

Discussion created by Boutsy on Jan 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2014 by LSNOVER

I understand, now, you have to buy concurrent connections to be able to use Webdirect or Filemaker GO. This is since FMPS 13.

My question is the following : Buying Filemaker Server 13 costs 1.044$. Buying concurrent connections will cost per 5 connections an extra of 900$!!! or 180$ per connections. Of course this is a very steep investment. If you want your solution to be accessible to a maximum of 50 concurrent connections (it is not even clear if more is possible and is so, how much more???), you will have te make an investment of 10.044$. But what when filemaker server 14,15 etc... will be released? Do you only have to buy the new version and will be able to "re-use" the connections you bought for FMPS 13 or... do you have to (god forbit) rebuy concurrent connection to be able to use them with the next versions.