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Export Container Fails in Web Direct with Two-Server Configuration

Question asked by fndimarco on Jan 23, 2014
Latest reply on May 16, 2015 by user19752

I'm having a problem with Web Direct in a two-server configuration that doesn't appear in a single-server configuration. I'm hoping someone can tell me whether they can reproduce this problem.


When hosted on a single server configuration, my file has a table with a container field that contains PDF files -- small documents, less than 1MB. I can download the pdf from my file with a button set to Export Field Contents. Works fine in IE9 in Windows and Chrome on a Mac.


Put the same file in a two-server configuration, and I get the Export Field to File dialog just fine. I click OK. I get an "action is running" dialog briefly; then I get this in a new window in my browser:




Each of the servers is running Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 64-bit -- that is, they are up to spec for FM13. The two-server configuration is hosted on an Amazon AWS Virtual Private Cloud, and all other aspects of the servers are identical. The solution files I'm developing seem otherwise to work exactly as they do on the one server configuration, with the exception of this ability to download the contents of a container.


Does this sound like a misconfiguration of the two-server solution on my part or has someone seen (or can reproduce) this problem, in which case this is a bug/error with FM13 Server. I have seen similar problems reported here, including a bug regarding Web Direct/Container Exports/Safari. But this is different because the action works in a one-server configuration but fails in the two-server configuration. (I have also noticed that if you are using TechNet's paid subscriber's developer's license of Server 13, it allows only one Web Direct connection at a time, and the popup window that reports this 404 Error is actually opening a second connection. Therefore, you are going to get the too-many-connections problem before you even get to the "can not be found" problem. I'm using a license that allows several WebDirect connections.)


Also: I have this problem in the two-server solution even if I add a container field to the FMServer_Sample file and insert a harmless pdf -- so there isn't a problem with FileMaker permissions or with the FileMaker or PDF files. It also doesn't matter whether the storage option is set for internal or external.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.